SCANSHIFT Intrady range extension analaysis has been quoted hundreds of times in USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, NY Times and CNBC.

SCANSHIFT is a revolutionary patented quote display system that allows the user to absorb financial markets information and changing market conditions with a degree of mental and visual efficiency never before available.  SCANSHIFT replaces quote screen displays of rows and columns with a visually ergonomic display system inspired by aircraft instrument panels and military aircraft carrier landing technology.  SCANSHIFT was invented by Mr. Fane Lozman, a former Marine Corps Naval Aviator who went on to a career on the Chicago trading floors, specializing in S&P 500 Index futures and S&P 100 (OEX) options arbitrage strategies. 

The SCANSHIFT hub and spoke display allows for a consistent scan pattern from the quote symbols around the hub (center symbol), referred to as the Range Extension Rectangle.  The RER shows the high, low, and last trade on a rectangle that extends vertically as the days trading range expands.  The rectangle is sized relative to the user's definition of the average intraday range, depicted by a blue vertical line. To the left of the blue line, is a graphical interface that gives an immediate visual clue if the intraday range will make a new high or low.  A yellow circle is neutral, with a green up arrow showing momentum towards new highs, or a down red arrow showing momentum towards new lows.